I will guide you to shop at Taobao

guide you to shop at Taobao

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Description Find a product at Taobao (or Tmall) Place an order at Taobao for you Forward your purchased goods to you
  I will help you find a product at Taobao (or Tmall) which meets your requirements. I will place an order at Taobao (or Tmall) with your payment and your shipping address. I will receive your purchased goods on your behalf and forward it to you.
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About This Gig

Taobao and Tmall are most popular ecommerce websites in China. They all belong to Alibaba Group which is a listed company in the US. As you may have heard of, you can purchase almost everything (excluding guns, drugs, etc. which are prohibited in China) at Taobao or Tmall at surprisingly low price.

Unfortunately, despite that Taobao has a portal page which is in English, most pages at Taobao and Tmall are in Chinese only. It is very difficult for a foreigner to shop at Taobao.

I, as an expert Taobao shopper who have spent tens of thousands at Taobao :-), can help you to shop at Taobao and Tmall and make it simple and easy for you.

I can:

  • find the products at Taobao or Tmall which best match your requirements (specifications, price, etc.) and provide you with the link to the products;
  • place an order for you at Taobao.com or Tmall.com provided that you make the full payment to me in advance and provide me with your shipping address; or
  • receive the products on your behalf and forward them to you using an international freight forwarder.

If you like, I can also open an account at Taobao for you with your personal information.