I will backup your WordPress Blog or Website and database

Craig did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend working with him!
Reviewed by junto_digital 23 days ago
Holy cow that was fast! I feel a lot better now :) Thanks!!
Reviewed by bandeau over 3 years ago
Mind-blowingly committed, patient and professional. Can't thank Diablo enough for putting so much time into this, above and beyond. Very honest, trustworthy and, it bears repeating, patient! Thanks Diablo, above and beyond.
Reviewed by niamho over 3 years ago
Thanks Craig. Appreciate your work on this.
Reviewed by insightpub over 3 years ago
Wonderful, thank you so much Craig!! I will definitely write some reminders and contact you in the next few months for this. It was a pleasure working with you!
Reviewed by varadagirl almost 4 years ago
Thank you for your patience, and for being so thorough! I would highly recommend diablo3_lust for your website needs. :)
Reviewed by varadagirl almost 4 years ago
Please note the amount of perseverance it took to complete my work. Continuance in action in spite of the difficulty or road blocks put up by my hosting site was noted and appreciated. This was the highest quality of work and follow through! TOP STAR.
Reviewed by jsimens almost 4 years ago
Excellent - couldn't ask for better.
Reviewed by messforfun about 4 years ago
Fantastic! Went the extra mile. Well recommended and all in super speed time. Thanks man!
Reviewed by braddlesnake about 4 years ago
Matrix reloaded ! Stupendous ! Awesome !
Reviewed by ilovebill56 about 4 years ago
backup your WordPress Blog or Website and database

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I will backup your WordPress Blog or Website for $5! 
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Please note, site transfer is for a DATA MOVE only. Some moves require extra work to get your site back up and running. HTML sites typically work right out of the box, but WordPress, Joomla, etc... those take more time. See my extras.

Almost always completed within 24 hours!