I will review and OPTIMIZE your medicines and supplements


About This Gig

**Would you like to know which dietary supplements actually work? **

**Do you need help with managing your chronic condition? **

**Would you like to know how to achieve your health goals safely? **

*Qualified Professional!*

Medicines are the most frequent medical intervention. However, according to WHO estimates, as many as half of all patients globally don't take their medicines as intended. 

I am a UK-trained 
Clinical Pharmacist (MPharm, MSc Clin Pharm), experienced in providing pharmaceutical care to seniors, mental health patients and chronic disease patients. 

I will review your medications, in order to optimize pharmacotherapy. I will  identify drug-related problems, propose solutions, as well as fine-tune your daily regimen, including herbals and nutritional supplements!

*What you GET*

  • My "MAD" research skills 
  • My clinical experience and expertise

The basic gig ($5) will get you professional advice on 2 medicines or 1 medicine and 1 supplement. Make use of the extra gigs to reap full benefits!

In the highly unlikely event that you are not satisfied with my work, I offer a Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked! 

Make the most out of your medicines and supplements! Order now!