I will be your secret boyfriend

be your secret boyfriend
be your secret boyfriend
be your secret boyfriend

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Description Pen Pal You + Me Love Spell
  Let's get to know each other! Send me a letter, and I'll write you back. Need advice? Want to vent? Love letter with a photo just for you? Sonnet? Want me to describe our first date? Can't wait! You hold my heart in your hands for a week. I'll write you every day and include some PG13 pics.
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About This Gig

We all know what it's like to be lonely. I'm here to fill that need. I'll listen and respond to your life problems. I'll write you the most touching love letter you will ever receive. I'll be Mr. Right...or Mr. Wrong if that's what you want. I'm here for you, and I can't wait to meet you!

I don't care about your age or your weight. I care about you as a person. No physical quality of yours will stop me from loving and appreciating every aspect of what makes you YOU.

My typical correspondences will be no less than 750 words. I am a part-time personal trainer and my pics will show that off. I'm very proud of my body, and I hope you will appreciate all the time I've spent at the gym!

But, I'm no meat-head. I have a BA from Stanford, and I am in medical school. I keep up with the news, and if you want to talk about boring stuff like that, whatevs!