I will cast a mind unlocking spell to influence someone

cast a mind unlocking spell to influence someone

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  Send one message to your target to influence them. Send one message to your target every hour for 24 hours. Extra potent influence. Send up to 3 messages to your target and amplify for super sonic fast results. Most powerful influen
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About This Gig

Nothing is impossible with the help of magick.  I am Mama Luna.  I have been practicing witchcraft for over 25 years.  I am good at what I do and I enjoy helping others obtain the desires of their heart through the art of spell craft.  

You are considering my mind unlocking spell.  This is a very old and EXTREMELY POWERFUL spell. This is perfect if you wish to influence someone to YOUR way of thinking!  Perhaps you want your boss to give you a raise? Or maybe you would like the person you have had your eye on for a while to give you a chance?  This spell can be used to influence anyone, anywhere!  A good spell is not limited by time or space.  

This spell can be customized and cast for any situation.  Please note that I am a white witch and live by the law of "harm none".

You can have this spell cast to influence anyone.  The results are super fast and will leave you in awe.  The person being influenced will not be aware of this spell.  
I am eager to meet you and to work with you.
Mama Luna~