I will make your rival look ugly to your lover

make your rival look ugly to your lover
make your rival look ugly to your lover

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About This Gig

Welcome!  I am Mama Luna.  I have over 25 years experience in witchcraft.  I am an expert in spell craft.  I can get your results where others may have failed you.  I cast by the rule of harm none, but there are certain situations where I feel that you have to take back what is rightfully yours.  Cheating mates

Is your lover straying, lying and keeping secrets?  

Perhaps he or she has found what they consider a hotter replacement for you.

It is time to turn the tables!   You need real help from a real witch!

 I will cast a spell to make your rival appear to look old, haggard and just plain UGLY to your love.  They will be repulsed by the sight, smell and voice of this other person.  They will come running back to you, never to stray again.

Now they will see what you want them to see...an old, withered, nasty, smelly hag!  This spell will not harm anyone.  It works only to dispel your lover away from someone whom could be a rival to you.