I will edit your images professionally

edit your images professionally
edit your images professionally
edit your images professionally

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Description Bronze (1-15 images) Silver (1-25 images) Gold (1-35 images)
  Remove backgrounds and replace with white or transparent background. Remove background from images + Adjust lighting + Adjust colors Remove background from images + Adjust lighting + adjust colors + Remove product and model blemishes
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
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Delivery time 1 day
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About This Gig

Why choose a gig from DigitalEnvision?
I'm a Graphic Designer since 99' and have 7+ working years as a professional image editor for a large corporate eCommerce sports and surf retail company that spans internationally. 

Why have your images edited?
It's simple! A clean professionally edited photo brings more revenue and more attention to any eCommerce store and provide a consistent look.

Services you will receive from DigitalEnvision.

Remove product background replace with pure white background
Optional add-ons available.

Remove product background replace with pure white background
Adjust lighting and colors properly.
Optional add-ons available

Remove product background replace with pure white background
Adjust to proper lighting and sharpen image
Adjust colors to a more accurate vibrant state.
Remove any kind of noticeable scratches and dust to make your image look amazing.
If desired, I will create a reflection or shadow to give you image that realistic affect
(Model Images) Whiten teeth, remove blemishes, slim and tuck areas (if needed)
(Product Images) Remove imperfections and straighten product (if needed)
Optional add-ons available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you use quick selection tools to remove the background?
    I don't use easy quick selection tools. I only use clipping paths and manually selecting the area. It is more time consuming however this will give your images a crisp hard edge. Other techniques will be used for images with hair, fur or similar material.
  • What images do i need to send?
    Please send me high resolutions to work properly. That will result in the best and crisp edges once the background has been removed. Higher resolution images are easier to resize and scale down if needed. Easier to scaled down. Scaling images up will have messy results. Please no Illegal images.
  • Do you remove watermarks?
    No, as I am capable of removing watermarks, I choose not to and avoid any unnecessary legal battles.
  • What are your turnaround times?
    The turnaround times very from package to package. The Gold package takes 3 days as I take pride on spending quality time with your images to produce the best quality possible.
  • What is the Collar and Sleeve Fill extra gig?
    Occasionally businesses shoot their clothing on mannequins which is great to show the human form in the garment and gives it that 3D look. Once the the mannequin is removed they leave a missing collar and sleeve. I can create those for all images especially if you have a photo of the tag.
  • What is the template product extra gig?
    Business can have clothing or product of the same style but different colors and sometimes logos. A template can provide the same model image but the shirt comes in multiple colors. This showcases well on an eCommerce site with consistency. I can template images for you with multiple colors.