I will talk with you about your life for 30 minutes

talk with you about your life for 30 minutes

About This Gig

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and I'm preparing to become a psychotherapist. I've developed a real interest and passion for psychology since I was little and I enjoy helping others.

If you are ready to open up, to share your stories, if you need someone to understand you, to accept you just the way you are without judgements, to help you become a better version of yourself, then this is your chance.

We can talk about:
  • emotional issues
  • relationship issues
  • depression
  • work related issues
  • addictive behaviour
  • others

And, if you'd like know yourself a little bit better, we can do personality questionnaires and you'll receive a personalised interpretation.

I rely on building a strong and trustworthy relationship where confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.
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