I will help you with your Python project and bug fixes

help you with your Python project and bug fixes
help you with your Python project and bug fixes
help you with your Python project and bug fixes
help you with your Python project and bug fixes

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Description Python Project or Bug fixing Help Python Project Medium Complexity Python Project High Complexity
  Basic scripts 20-30 lines, these are simple IO, parsing, scraping, basic OOP, and string operations. Medium complexity script 100-200 lines, project consisting on multiple script and libraries. High complexity or professional project, 500 > lines of code and in depth algorithm creation.
Detailed Code Comments
Seller will add detailed comments to the code explaining the code structure.
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Include source code with the delivery
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About This Gig

*** For custom orders please contact me before ordering ***

I currently work with the Python Django framework professionally to build reports to end clients. I'm also very experienced with writing python routines to perform many tasks such as gathering information from different APIs, twitter API, Facebook API, or even calling your own web services. 

  • Strings and Collections
  • Modularity
  • Objects
  • Collections
  • Handling exceptions
  • Iterables
  • List comprehensions
  • Classes
  • Files and Resource Management
  • Shipping Working and Maintainable Code
  • Frameworks
  • Design Patterns

Send me a message when you're ready as I like to go through your requirements to ensure tasks are clear and estimated accurately.

Thank you and look forward on working with you :)

***** Available services python projects from small to larger projects and bug fixes as well ******

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long on average does it take you to get the work done?
    It depends on the task but normally no more than 24 hours on most tasks.
  • Do you offer revisions?
    I offer as many revisions as needed, however I like to go through requirements with you in a lot of detail to ensure we don't do more than one revision, unless it is critical.
  • How soon should I notify you?
    As soon as possible, please don't notify me of your project 1 hour before it is due.
  • Do you do orders for $5 ? $10 ? $15?
    Yes all the time, feel free to message me and I will be happy to look at your requirements.
  • How can I make sure you will be able to do my gig?
    I recommend everyone needing Python services to contact me before ordering, I can do almost all gigs but if a requirement is not well defined or you're not really sure what you want I would recommend not to start it until you do.