I will create short stop motion video of your logo

very well done
Reviewed by itchyfingers almost 3 years ago
create short stop motion video of your logo
create short stop motion video of your logo

About This Gig

I will make a stop motion video (~10 sec) of your logo drawing. Animation is done in traditional way - drawn by hand with black liner. The final drawing is done with black liner only.

Be sure to buy appropriate extras for slogans, website links, etc. because they can't be added later. This is not a computer animation.

Please be fair and buy two gigs for complex Iogos. Logo that has more than 3 elements is consider complicated.

720p .mov (no audio) video.

I am quite busy at the moment and it can really take up to 21 days for gig to be delivered. Check the numbers of orders pending.

Send me a message for any other doubts :-)

The $5 gig is just for simple logo.

  • No color drawings (only black)
  • Fast delivery available when it says so

Buy Extras (or more gigs) for:
  • complex logo (+5$)
  • add the slogan or web link (+5$)
  • 1080p resolution (+5$)
  • music (+5$)
  • make the original Iogo appear in the end of the video (+5$)