I will verify up to 20k email list with high precise trusted industry technics

verify up to 20k email list with high precise trusted industry technics

About This Gig

If you have old email list, purchased, scrubbed or a list you just not sure about, you need to verify that list before you send it out so you don't get black listed or get into trouble with your ISP.

I will verify (Identify Hard Bounces) which email is good to re-email or not and why and supply you with a detailed log.  Your final reports (emails only, unless you buy the extra) will include only the good emails and the second report will contain every email and every email's results if they are good, bad or unknown and why.

If you using a white listed email service like MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, AWeber, etc... & having a problem uploading your list, because they say its dirty, has traps, or any type of problem with it than highly recommended to use my service.

But note: it's impossible to verify any list 100%, (if anyone claims, that's isn't the reality) and not possible to verify ten thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions for FIVE dollar!

Every your email address will send out, every email address will be have result status!

Important: Please contact before place the order or will be cancelled!

Order Details

3 Days Delivery

I will verify your email list, you will get back the good emails, others with results & why.

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will Real Time verify?
    Yes, I will send out a test message from our WHITE-listed mail servers (real time verify!)
  • What will be with bounces and grey listed messages?
    If get gray listed than our system re-send again, if bounced (upon the reason) our system will try to re-send again.
  • Which result statuses possible?
    The result will be marked, good, bad or unknown. If the result will be not good, than more than 10 other details will be added, why.
  • What data and in which format I get back?
    You will get back 2 lists (1; contain only good email addresses, 2; contain all email addresses with result details in CSV format). If you ordered extra, than you will get back the same with all your data included.
  • Do you provide a 100% clean list?
    Probably yes, but you must know on the internet every second something changing, nobody could sell 100% email verify service, but our 99,99% is fair enough.
  • What is your email verification capacity?
    Our email verification capacity is 8 Million / day.
  • Do you sell email lists?
    No, we don't sell any email list, our customer privacy is very important for us, we never use, sell, share with third party any contacts.