I will give you a psychic reading for the New Year

give you a psychic reading for the New Year

About This Gig

Ever since I was a kid I've had a knack for "reading" people. I like to use this ability to help people, give them a guide in the right direction. Although I have used tarot cards and other forms of reading before, I prefer to use my own intuition. This will have a turnover time of 4 days (please, I want to give you the most attention I can) I can't be responsible for what you do with my advice. Please address your question first and up to 5 paragraphs of detail so I can understand the situation. I wont be able to have a conversation, so my response will be detailed, but final. Also, my answers are very honest and not sugarcoated. I pride myself on that. Thank you

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4 days delivery