I will code Android and iOS apps in React Native

code Android and iOS apps in React Native

About This Gig

I have 5+ years experience with Javascript. React is the most popular open source project of Facebook. With around 21, 000 stars on Github.

Under this gig I will work on either Android or iOS app using Facebook's React Native.

Note that the same code does not work in both Android or iOS. So, a project involving both together will be charged more.

React JS is known for performance using Virtual DOM and re-usability.
Under this gig, I would create reusable react components for you.

If you are not sure, think of it as equivalent to directives in AngularJS. But, react is faster. You can use react with your existing setup like Backbone or AngularJS.

You can use this gig to learn React JS as well. I can teach you or solve your query if you are stuck via Article (PDF/Blog)/ Code/ Video.

Please drop a message to discuss your app.
Looking forward to work with you.