I will professionally mix or master your song

professionally mix or master your song

About This Gig

You or your band have recorded a song and now you need someone who will mix it and give it that sparkle and life that all other popular songs have?

Just send me all your recorded tracks (stems) in high quality 24bit wav format and i will mix and optionally master your song!

If you have already recorded and mixed your song, and you just need that professional sparkle, loudness and depth of your song, then just order my mastering gig!

Price of this gig is determined by the length of the song and the amount of instruments, so please contact be before ordering.

NOTE: Quality of my mix and master is determined by the quality of your recordings. So, for best results, if it's possible, record your music in acoustically treated room (if you are recording vocals and/or acoustic instruments) and use high quality microphones and preamps.

If you are not using high quality equipment, then will try my best to mix your songs and to present them in their best light!