I will send you 7 life changing side chain tricks for logic pro

send you 7 life changing side chain tricks for logic pro

About This Gig

This Gig can change music producers life.

Are you one of those who have many times heard about side chain effects but never use it? 
Have you ever tried hard to achieve it following instructions you found in youtube or a website but it never  worked properly?

This gig offers you the solution!

Let me send you 7 logic audio pro / logic audio 9 project files which can be used as a template where you can anytime make custom edits (replace my elements with your sounds, instruments, plugins, samples  or your settings) or even as a training material .

You can then simply copy them (is just channel strips that can be saved and named by you) on every project you work on.

Side chain benefits:

  • -volume ducking effect
  • -make a kick to "jump out" of the mix & not to be hidden by a synth ensemble.  
  • -make a continuous note to "breath" in synch to an instrument or even play off beat.
  • -amazing vocal effects
  • -create new sounds from a boring single note or chord
  • -you can make a "cliche" musical phrase to become an innovative music
  • -can give you inspiration the day you feel that nothing good comes from your brain

Some production techniques makes the difference between professionals and amateurs
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7 Logic audio pro 9 project folders

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