About This Gig

for 1 gig I will give you 40 celebrity DJ drop templates plus 2015 DJ Sound Effects. For 3 gigs I will give you the entire collection.  Do you want a free sample? Just message me and i will give you one free of charge

There is everything from Rock to Disco to Rap. Guys its a steal seriously, if you have a podcast show this is the winner right here.

1 Beyonce
2 Flo Rida
3 Pitbull
4 Jay Z
5 Daft Punk
6 Rhianna
7 Van Halen
9 Janet Jackson
10 Katey Perry
11 Lil Jon
12 Def Leopard
13 Hul Hogan
14 Kenny Loggins
15 Shakria
16 Shaggy
17 Sean Paul
18 Eminem
19 Pink
20 Bon Jovi