I will send you 10 weird, cool, original theremin sounds

send you 10 weird, cool, original theremin sounds
send you 10 weird, cool, original theremin sounds

About This Gig

Theremins are electronic instruments that have been used in soundtracks and sound effects for decades, especially for spooky, eerie sci-fi space sounds in the 1950s and 1960s. Think shows like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, & Star Trek. The sounds that gamma rays, aliens, and crazy science experiments make. Genuine theremins are uncommon now, but the sound they make is both classic and avant-garde. I've recorded a variety of sounds on my own theremin in high quality which can used in their raw form or used as a base for even wilder sound effects. The unique and unmistakable theremin sound is perfect for audio or video projects that need the peculiar flare that only this instrument can provide.

What you get: a sampler of 10 high-quality sounds created using a real theremin, between 5 and 30 seconds each, in WAV format.

If you have any special requests for sounds (anything but songs—I'm not a musician!), select the Custom-Made extra, and I'll do my best to create exactly the sounds you need!

Order Details

1 day delivery


10 different sounds, 5–30 seconds long, created with a theremin, & delivered in one day.

  • 10 Sound Effects Included

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you use to make these sound effects?
    I use a real theremin (assembled from a kit & installed in a wooden box), a pedal to control the volume of the signal, & an echo effects pedal for extra flair. The sound is recorded directly into my computer through a line-in port for the highest quality.
  • What exactly IS a theremin?
    A theremin is an electronic instrument that is played without touch. It features one or two antennas (one to control pitch & an optional one to control volume), and the pitch or volume of the tone generated by the theremin changes as the player moves her hands closer and farther from the antenna.
  • Can you play songs on the theremin?
    No, I'm not that talented yet, though I've occasionally tried to play the Star Trek theme song by ear.
  • What do I get if I select the Custom-Made extra?
    You get the 10-sound sampler, AND you get up to 10 5-30 second sounds (or fewer, longer sounds—your choice) made especially for you based on your request.