I will send you recordings of 3 spooky stories by Ray Bradbury

send you recordings of 3 spooky stories by Ray Bradbury

About This Gig

I have recorded myself reading 3 spooky short stories by Ray Bradbury from The October Country, published in 1955. The recordings are high quality, expressive, and professionally edited, with subtle ambient sound effects added to enhance the experience of the story. Each recording between 12 and 18 minutes long—the best length for bedtime stories—and the themes of love, death, and the macabre are perfect for autumn weather, and for "autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts."

The three stories currently available to download are "The Crowd," "The Lake," and "The Cistern." You'll get them in both MP3 and AAC (M4A) formats. Check back often, since I plan to add more.

I created this gig as a way to share the incredibly paced, darkly poetic writing of Ray Bradbury and to keep my audio editing skills fresh with practice. I'm only charging for my own reading, editing, and artistic work—I make no claim on Ray Bradbury's story content. If you enjoy these stories and want more Bradbury, you can buy the book (The October Country) with the rest of his stories, or watch the episodes he wrote for The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

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