I will translate Chinese and English both ways

translate Chinese and English both ways
translate Chinese and English both ways

About This Gig

Hi there! We are Dan and Emma, a team of two translators who both work in international business, travel, and translation sectors. Dan is a native of the USA with 9 years of Mandarin Chinese study under his belt and has an HSK Level 6 certificate. Meanwhile, Emma, a native speaker of Chongqing and standard Mandarin dialects.

Between the two of us, we have done translation work on academic articles (theses, etc.), letters of recommendation, business contracts, and other various documents for the past 4 years! We have also translated and provided subtitling for English language and Chinese language videos.

Please review the gig package offerings. Any work which is technical, legal, or academic in nature will require additional time to review the source documents.

  • English translations provided in standard American English. Academic or legal writing can also be provided
  • Chinese translations provided in standard Mandarin
  • Proofing of existing translations also available
  • Revisions always included in price!

Sorry, we cannot accept gigs to translate for Cantonese or any other dialect of Chinese EXCEPT for Standard Mandarin and Chongqing dialects!

Order Details

Pro English/Chinese Translation

Up to 300 English words translated to Chinese; alternatively up to 300 Chinese characters to English

  • Proofreading
3 days delivery 1 Revision