I will give You a Limited Partnership Agreement Contract

give You a Limited Partnership Agreement Contract

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*This contract is a template that will include most, if not, all of what you need for a limited partnership agreement. I will send it to you in Microsoft Word format so that you can edit the documents to fit your company's specific needs.

*This Agreement Contract is 12 pages long and includes:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Contributions
  • Management of Partnership Interest and Authority (percentages)
  • Allocation of Income, Costs and Loss (profit/payment percentage)
  • Manner of Cash Distributions
  • Reimbursement from the Limited Partnership
  • Liability of General Partner
  • Indemnification of the General Partner
  • Limited Partner's Rights to Participate in Management
  • Limited Liability
  • Restriction on Outside Activities of the General Partner and Limited Partners
  • Partner Roles and work hours
  • Accounting
  • New Partners
  • Transfer of Interests in Partnership
  • Withdraw of General Partner
  • Benefit
  • Settling Disputes
  • & More

To be clear, I do not edit the contract. I will send you the pre-written contract, and you can edit it to fit your needs.
*Note: I am not a lawyer. Always make sure to seek legal and accounting advice prior to finalizing any agreement.