I will create 10 Unique Edm Midi Drops just for you

create 10 Unique Edm Midi Drops just for you

About This Gig

From my point of view the midi is the most important thing in your track.

You could be good at mixing,you could be good at mastering,but if you fail at composing your melody,your bass etc., then your track will be suffer.
The drop is a very important thing in your track,especially in EDM.
If your drop is not good enough you can say goodbye to your track.

But don't worry,I'm here to help.

I will create for you 10 unique EDM Midi Drops for your track(s).

I guarantee that these midi files will be made only for you.

If you're not happy with one or two midi files you can tell me and I'll make another midi for you until you're happy with all 10.

Also if you request the licence from the extras too,then you'll have another 2 MIDI clips from the house.
So 12 in total.
And if you'll choose all the extras then I will give you 
15 MIDI clips in total.
This applies only if you choose those extras from the beginning.

If you're still not convinced then contact me to give you some demo to listen.

You're ready to make a cool track together?

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