I will customize your EDM midi template

customize your EDM midi template

About This Gig

Do you want to use a bought template in a commercial release,but you're afraid that someone else is having the exact melody,drop,bass etc.and you will have possible copyright problems?
Or simply you fell that your track is not having that catchy melody or drop that will make everyone dance?

No problem,that's why I'm here.

I will create for your track unique melodies,drops etc. depending on your track.

Please note: I will change only melodies (MIDI), not arrangement or instruments sound.

I am using especially Ableton and sometimes Fl Studio.
So if you're making your track in those DAW's you can send me the template 
To avoid any problem please stick to the effects of your DAW.
I also have Sylenth1,Spire and Massive,so if you had used these plugins for your Midi,is good.

If you're using another DAW,plese send me the stems and the midi files(you need to choose my gig extras if you want to make your midi based on your stems).
I need the stems to make an idea of how your track will sound.

So,you're ready to make a cool track together?

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