I will read and interpret the Tarot for you

read and interpret the Tarot for you

About This Gig

I have been reading professionally and remotely for over 10 years for private customers, friends and family.

Within the bounds of current legislation (see the bottom of this section), I will read a six card spread regarding your question, which I will compile into a typewritten report.

I favour the Sharman Caselli deck. An interesting deck, developed as a collaboration between a psychologist and an artist, inspired by the Rider-Waite and Zisconti-Sforza decks.


I fully support and ascribe to the current European regulations on ethical reading, so will only read within these regulations, which stipulate:

* I will only read for over 18s.
* I will not provide direct financial or health advice.
* I will not knowingly read for someone who is pregnant.
* I will not claim that a reading comes directly from, nor is directly influenced by someone who has died.
* I am to inform the customer directly of the entertainment only status of a tarot reading (tarot is officially considered to be "for entertainment purposes only" within Europe and as readers we are obliged to state this).
* If in the course of a reading I am made aware of someone in danger, I am obliged to take appropriate action.

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