I will untangle up to 50g or 2oz of your yarn for you

untangle up to 50g or 2oz of your yarn for you

About This Gig

I'm one of those knitters who just loves to un-knot yarn.

Wherever possible, I do not cut the yarn at all. In the very rare case where that might be necessary, I will contact you before going anywhere near scissors.

I will return the yarn to you hand wound in your choice of a skein or a ball.

I have no allergies that I am aware of, so will work with any fibre (though please be aware, yarn with a halo runs a slightly higher possibility of needing to be cut. I will do anything I can to avoid this).

Customer pays postage. Stated timescale begins as soon as I acknowledge receipt of yarn. I drop completed untangle jobs to the post every week on the Wednesday following completion (unless you need it sooner, in which case, please talk to me - I'm sure we can sort something).

Order Details

14 days delivery