I will be Your PERSONAL Dear Abby, 24 Hour Delivery

be Your PERSONAL Dear Abby, 24 Hour Delivery
be Your PERSONAL Dear Abby, 24 Hour Delivery

About This Gig

Hello!  My name is Donna.

Remember Dear Abby?  Of course you do!  You’re in luck – she has just been reincarnated – I’m it.  Yes, that’s right.  I am channeling Dear Abby and I am at your downright disposal. Your wish is my command (NOTE:  I am not popping out of a bottle in a haze of smoke, sorry).  

Ahem, my dear Fiverr fans, you have my complete 1:1 undivided attention!  My ears are perked, my eyeballs are dilated, and my fingers are nimble and ready to go…

What advice do you need?  You name it, I’ll give it.  Everything from love, romance, happiness, eternal life, death & taxes (oops...got a little carried away there for a minute).

I will answer any and all questions you have and help you resolve any issue.  Even if you just want to chat, shoot the breeze, or confess your wildest secrets, your deepest fears, and your darkest sins – now is your chance!  Even if you just want to be a little silly with me (C’mon, why not? – let your hair down, nobody will know).  You know you want to…

On a more serious note, as a Life Coach for the past 22 years, I am truly willing to help you with ANY ISSUE you have (light or heavy).

*** Exclusively for Fiverr

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Dear Abby Reincarnated

I will be your PERSONAL Dear Abby and give you ANY advice you need

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