I will make a photo slideshow video with music for $15

2 Revisions Included / 14 Days On Average
make a photo slideshow video with music
make a photo slideshow video with music

About This Gig

You know all those vacation photos taking up space on your hard drive? Here's a solution! I will edit them into a single video that you can easily share with friends and family. 

Business owners!  Instead of shooting a video, let me compile your photographs into a professional portfolio video for your website and YouTube.

Think of it as a video portfolio or scrapbook - a wonderful way to present photos from. I can also create slideshows to be shown AT an event.  Think of the possibilities!   

Technical Details
The final product will be a video file (mp4, Quicktime, or a format of your choosing).  I will add a tasteful transitions between each photo, such as cross-fades.  I will also add subtle motion to the photos, such as a zoom or pan. 

The basic gig comes with one revision draft.

For an extra cost, I can include additional photos.  I can also set the slideshow to music.  See gig extras.

Note: Your photos must be sent to me digitally.  (The higher the resolution, the better.) 

Music must be chosen from a royalty-free music source. I cannot use copyrighted music.