I will be a beta reader for your book

be a beta reader for your book

About This Gig

Have you been staring at that piece of work so long it's all blurring together? If you need a fresh pair of eyes on it, I have four of them! I will give you an unbiased opinion of your story or book, and provide you with the feedback you are looking for. This gig is to beta read 100 pages of text (about 30,000 words) for $5. This price includes any back and forth discussion after you receive my notes. With this gig, you don't just get one page of notes, you get someone unconnected to the piece to discuss it with.

I will read your book as if I purchased it, and critique it as a future reader will. This way you can hear about the plot holes, flow, clarity, character development, and general reception of the book BEFORE you publish it, rather than in the reviews afterwards. I'll even catch a few grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, if there are any.

Feel free you request specific focuses for your work.

Order Details

Beta Reader

I will read up to 100 pages of your novel, and give you the feedback your are looking for.

  • Up to 30000 Words
5 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What genres do you read?
    I'm willing to read, and enjoy, all genres. Most of my experience is in scifi, fantasy (including urban), literature, teen, and YA. I will only skim the sex scenes, so probably not the best person for erotica.