I will increase your LinkedIn personal profile rank

increase your LinkedIn personal profile rank

About This Gig

Your personal profile rank on LinkedIn is based simply on the number of views of your profile. You'll notice those in your network who rank the highest are probably well-connected, successful business men and women. They receive hundreds of profile visits per day because of their positions, their connections, and their activities (such as posting LinkedIn articles).

Increasing the rank of your LinkedIn personal profile puts you in front of many more eyeballs in your professional network. It makes you noticed as an important professional - which can help you get a new job, be promoted, and make friends!

My basic Gig will get you at least 20 unique profile views for $5 * 

Gig Extras:
  • An additional 50 profile views for $10 (order as many as you'd like)

* While it is very likely your rank will increase with my basic Gig, I cannot guarantee this because it depends on the size and strength of your network. The more views you receive, the better chance that you'll raise higher and more quickly in the ranks.

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