I will be your PATREON campaign consultant

be your PATREON campaign consultant

About This Gig

I will provide detailed notes and suggestions for improving your Patreon campaign. 


I love helping creators bring their projects to life through crowdfunding. I've consulted on over 200 campaigns, helping creators raise a combined $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS in pledges. 

I want to be clear about what you’ll be getting with this gig to ensure you have a satisfying client experience.

For $10 I take drafts of Patreon campaigns or existing Patreons and offer advice for how to tweak them so you can maximize their earning potential. 

I don't promote your Patreon or boost traffic. I don't create original content. I make no promises to increase patrons or pledges. I don’t manage your campaign. 

What I DO offer is expert analysis, notes, and advice on how to improve what you’ve already created yourself and expand your Patreon’s reach. 

It’s a report that will range from 8-15 pages with helpful advice based on your SPECIFIC Patreon needs. 

Order Details

3 days delivery


A 10 to 20 page report with actionable advice based on your specific campaign materials.