I will mail you a knick knack of random monetary value

mail you a knick knack of random monetary value

About This Gig

I have a crowded closet. You wish to test your luck. For $5, I will mail you one of the many items stored away. Whether it be a figurine, a bag of old coins, a Japanese newspaper or a used video game, I can guarantee you'll have fun guessing while you wait for it to arrive. This is all for fun, and the perfect solution for someone with no storage space and no funds. The lottery can be fun every once in awhile. Take a chance. You might get lucky. Please note before buying:

  • If you are located outside the United States, please contact me before you make a purchase. I will adjust the shipping price specifically for you.
  • Multiple purchases will be shipped together.
  • Not everything I send will be worth more than $5, but I will not send anything worthless.
  • Everything will be sanitized before delivery, and any clothing item you may receive has been gently used, if it isn't brand new.
  • The gig delivery deadline is for when I drop your order at the post office, not for when it arrives at your home.