I will setup your Zoho account and emails

setup your Zoho account and emails

About This Gig

Zoho provides you an option to host the mails on their server without exposing your own server to hackers and load. This is also useful if you don't have or don't want to setup mail server on your own server due to any reason.

I'll configure Zohomail for your server and set up email accounts on it for you.

I will also guide you how to use zoho mail yourself.

Note: The basic gig (5$) is for configuring the dns for letting zoho manage your emails only. Rest you have to buy as addon.

As an addon, you can also chose my services to setup the emails created at zohomail to be used at your desktop email client (outlook, thunderbird, etc) using imap (i don't like pop3 personally).

You can also configure it with your gmail account and receive and send mail through gmail too.

Contact me if you need your complete company CRM to be developed and configured on zoho too.