I will animate two faces in a romantic compilation video

Wanted a unique something to give my wife for V-Day. This was perfect!
Reviewed by chrisbruce700 10 days ago
animate two faces in a romantic compilation video
animate two faces in a romantic compilation video

About This Gig

We've collected some of the most famous romantic movie scenes ever, and made it so you can animate any two faces of your choosing over the actors.

You can put the faces of any two people you'd like into these romantic scenes: you and that special someone of yours, or your parents for their anniversary, or your best friend and their celebrity crush... or basically anybody you want!

Check out the video above to see what you'll get.

The video will arrive as an MP4 file, and from there you can easily share it on Facebook or YouTube, or play it on your computer using most media players.

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Thank you!

Order Details

3 days delivery

Facey Video

3 minute video (12 romantic scenes), 1280 X 720, 2 animated faces, custom message at the end

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I keep in mind when sending pictures of faces to use?
    - The bigger and higher quality the picture, the better. But even smaller pictures can work out okay. - Each face should be unobstructed (if something is partially blocking a face, it won't look right). - It's best if each person's mouth is closed.
  • Is using clips from movies legal?
    Use of movie clips like this is completely legal under Fair Use laws (google "fair use" if you want details).