I will teach You How Your Dog Will Love A Crate for $5

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teach You How Your Dog Will Love A Crate
teach You How Your Dog Will Love A Crate

About This Gig

Crate Training 101: Train Your Dog Successfully

Also known as a hard-sided pet carrier, a crate is a great training aid that helps you establish who's in charge. You decide when to put your puppy in the crate and when to take it out, so your puppy learns that you're the leader. This makes learning other skills easier because your puppy knows it can trust you. 

As a destruction-proof zone, a crate gives your puppy a safe place to call its own and to stay out of mischief. Young dogs have a boundless supply of energy and are naturally curious. Left unsupervised, it only takes a few 4 minutes for them to discover the joys (and dangers) of chewing, digging or trashcan raiding. 

If you're unable to keep an eye on your puppy, it's better to put it into a crate for an hour or so, than to be angry if your little darling gnaws on an antique chair leg or destroys your best pair of shoes. 

With this course, I'l teach you how to get your dog trained to love the crate!

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