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Ever had an idea for a film that's been crystal-clear in your mind, but a totally different story on paper? I get it; dialogue's a challenge, to say the least. You might have the plot down pat, and you know the general flow of your movie - it's just that darned character dialogue!

I know you've racked your brains out trying to nail some tonally distinctive characters in your script, and that's a great start. I'll take what you've gotten started with (or got stuck on!) and punch it up for you. Along with additional notes and guidelines from you, I'll work to flesh your characters out as best as possible, according to your original vision.

My pricing depends solely on the length of your script. Are you making a short film under 30 minutes? A medium-length feature up to 90 minutes? A full-on feature up to 120 minutes? Every page of script approximates to one minute of movie. Just let me know what we're working with and we can get started right away. I'm also willing to do the necessary research to make particular characters more authentic (ex. an astronaut character).

Oh, and I'll be more than happy to continue revising your script for you until you're 110% satisfied, free of charge!

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