I will resend your letter or postcard anonymously,USA only

resend your letter or postcard anonymously,USA only

About This Gig

Remail your postal letters, postcards, envelopes, and packages through the USA Postal Service-only, for you so your identity and/or location can remain anonymous! Using our service allows your item(s) to be mailed and officially postmarked from Georgia. If mailing from another country to USA then the one-two day delivery doesn't start until we actually receive the items here in USA. 

For example, you can use our emailing service to send the following:
  • Complaint letters to organizations or companies.
  • Packages and/or letters from a secret Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny
  • Correspondence with friends or family without revealing your location.
  • Providing important information to someone anonymously.
  • Send someone a secret admirer letter or gift.
  • Be able to write to bill collectors without disclosing your location.
  • Get a letter to an ex-spouse without disclosing where you live.
  • A way to identify yourself with an area for business reasons (home base) or travelling.
  • Send something to an Internet romance safely.
  • Report an illegal activity to law enforcement.
  • Send an anonymous letter to report an affair.
  • Provide information to the news media about an important matter. And many more possibilities......

Order Details

6 days delivery

Remail your letter/postcard, USA

Remail your already prepared & ready to be remailed letter or postcard. USA addresses only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you postmark from other cities?
    Yes, certain cities we can. Additional fees will apply depending on the additional city specified. Inquire for pricing.
  • How do I know how much postage to put on my item to be remailed?
    You need to know the weight of the item you are remailing. You can use the postage calculator on the usps.com website. You will be provided the "from zip code upon ordering."
  • Is it necessary that I put a return address on my mail?
    Not unless you are sending a package. All packages need a return address by Postal Regulations. This gig, NO Packages. See our reship package gig. Please note we are not responsible for lost, stolen, undeliverable, or undelivered mailings.
  • Do you keep all of our information confidential and anonymous?
    Absolutely. We keep no records for our remailing service. We shred everything you send us that is not intended for remailing.
  • Can I send an item using the REGISTERED MAIL or CERTIFIED MAIL service?
    No, we do not offer this option.
  • Can I send an item with Delivery Confirmation?
    No, we do not offer this option at this time.
  • Can you remail my item(s) to an address outside of the United States?
    Not at this time. We only provide this service for regular letters to locations in the United States. We do not provide remailing services for anything that would require a customs form.
  • Is using a remailing service legal?
    YES. You are simply paying us for our labor of hand delivering your mail to a post location for mailing. We will not be able to read your sealed mail & you're solely responsible for the content of such. There's nothing illegal about keeping your location private & that's the basis of the services.
  • Can I mail something from my country to USA to be remailed to a USA address!
    At this time, I will say yes just inquire first about what exactly you will be sending for remail (letter, postcards or package- nothing over 13 Oz). We won't except anything that requires a customs form or signature of any type confirming receipt. We don't want any abnormal ties to your mailings.