I will send my 15 hours back in your week ebook

send my 15 hours back in your week ebook
send my 15 hours back in your week ebook

About This Gig

This ebook is sold at $9.95 in my own site but I'm giving it at half the price just here on Fiverr!

Around 5 years ago I was working like a dog doing around 80-90 hours a week in my business. I personally implemented these very practical and effective ideas, and now I am working 15 hours a week in my core business. My profits are stronger than they ever have been and it has allowed me the time to start and grow my other businesses.

Time Management is one of the critical factors in a successful business or career and something crucial to the business owner, or really any person who wants to get so much more out of this life and I m sharing my tried and true experiences with you. They worked for me and they can work for you! 

These tips are perfect for the small business owner, manager or career minded person who wants to really get somewhere in the best possible time.  

The author Donna Stone has worked for almost 3 decades with Australian businesses, helping them improve business, working with their financials and generally providing quality business education.   She is the owner of 4 multi award winning businesses and is a many times over published author.   

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