I will send Resumes that Win You Jobs ebook

send Resumes that Win You Jobs ebook
send Resumes that Win You Jobs ebook

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This ebook is sold at $9.95 in my own site but I'm giving it at half the price just here on Fiverr!

Getting a job these days is not always easy, in fact it can be really hard work, and the reality is that before you worry about how to perform in an interview – you need to get your foot in the door first! Your resume is the first step, and do that wrong, you’re out before you even start. Harsh but true. Get your resume right – and get your foot in the door.

The author, Donna Stone, has worked for almost 30 years with Australian businesses, helping them improve business, working with their financials and generally providing quality business education.   She is the owner of 4 multi award winning businesses and is a many times over published author.   Besides producing books, audios and ebooks, she is a sought after pubic speaker and has written for many business magazines, including My Business, Totally Woman  to name a few.   Her tips are practical, tried and true and succinct; written in clear and precise English that is easy to read, entertaining and most importantly informative.   

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