I will film in hd out and indoor location in 24hr

Great product ,great seller and communication
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film in hd out and indoor location in 24hr

About This Gig

Having to go out, and film aggain is not allways possoble. so i offer my experience as a producer and help you improve and fix the sequence, or use for your chroma, 3d background, or video presentation,with the following filming options;
Out door
1)sand and beach
2)house back yard
3)chilgren playground
4)eucalyptus forest
6)bus stop
7)small plantation
8)horse field
9)sand dunes
10)darry farm
In door
2)dining room
4)laundry room
6)bathroom(no tub)
8)indoor grill

so how does it works. well you describe wat you need and ill improvise with what i have to get you that footages you need. ill send you a picture first for you to approve and dscribe the camera patterns(if you need moovements or zoom in on specifics)and you get a hole 1 minute 3 takes recording. for only 5 us$. Lets get started.