I will recreate you into cartoon

recreate you into cartoon
recreate you into cartoon
recreate you into cartoon

About This Gig

Hi again!
I am a part time illustrator. Mostly I draw for the fun of it. Start off with silly doodles and now slowly trying to make my way to comics. So, here it goes, my first attempt in selling my 'talent' in drawing. 

Send me a picture you want me to draw, and I will try my best to illustrate you and color it with my own style. 

so here is a brief summary of this gig;

-I will draw you based on the picture you provided. 
-There is no background except for maybe the circle behind the character like in my gallery (you can choose any color you like)
-coloring will be done in painting style (I use a lot of water color brush along with normal brush tool)
-Full body will cost a bit more
-No extra figures for now, you have to make a new request for it. sorry

what I will need:

-you beautiful picture that you want me to illustrate (make sure the picture is sharp, if its blurry I will have a hard time doing the details)
-extra detail that might not be visible, like eye color or even hair color

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask away through my inbox. I will answer them as best as I can. Thank you

Order Details

2 days delivery


Half Body, (up until the shoulders/chest)+color! (price are for limited time only!)

  • High Resolution
  • Source File
  • Color
  • 1 Figure
  • Commercial Use