I will help a meditation for peace of mind

help a meditation for peace of mind

About This Gig

I will help a meditation
I am Korean.
I live in south Korea.
my English skill is middle class.
I am weak in english spoken language.
I am weak in an elliptical sentence.
please don't use a difficult English.
I help a meditation.
If you buy 1 gig(1 gig is $5),
you can send 2 messages 
which have questions about a meditation 
in order page for 10 days.
and I will send one answer message per one question message.
please write a message which has words within about 400 English words.
If you want to learn a meditation and request learning a meditation,
I will teach a meditation.
In case of teaching a meditation, 
I will send a message which have about 300 English words.
and you can send a message which has question.
the sum of messages between customer and me is 4 messages for 1 gig($5).