I will research anything in Hungarian or English

research anything in Hungarian or English

About This Gig

I am a native  Hungarian born and raised in Hungary, and I have a Master level university degree. During my studies and my career I developed efficient ways to perform web research. I can scan and filter information quickly and I have an eye for what is relevant and what is not.

Sometimes it is difficult, time consuming, and potentially impossible to look for something in a foreign language, especially an exotic and complicated one like Hungarian. I'm happy to help you ot if you find yourself in a situation in which you need something in or about Hungary or Hungarian language.

For 5 dollars I will list up to 8 items in an Excel sheet or write a 400 word summary. I can look for
- companies
-books and articles
-travel information (such as prices, timetables, opening hours, etc)

or anything else you need - make sure to describe your needs in detail.

I use a number of keywords and their combinations to find the best results, and I have somemspecial strategies to find further results. Please note that in some cases it is impossible to find something on the Internet - in any case, I will do my best to provide useful information and advice if needed.

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2 days delivery

research in Hungarian or English

I will perform a web research on any topic and collect up to 8 items for 5 dollars in an Excel docum

  • References & Citations
  • Additional Research