I will translate English and Spanish 1200 words for 5 dollars

translate English and Spanish 1200 words for 5 dollars

About This Gig

I'm a language freak who studied English and Spanish linguistics, literature and culture at university, and I also completed a course in translation.

I'm highly accurate as well as time efficient, and it makes me happy to create an end product that I can be proud of. Helping other people and their satisfaction with my work makes me even happier.

I have translated the website of a charity organization helping people in Africa as a volunteer job; feel free to check out the website for reference of my work by googling "Por Una Sonrisa en África".

As I'm a beginner on Fiverr, I set the price (1200 words / $5) as a starting offer, hoping to get opportunities to show my skills and get positive ratings to start with.

I'm open to translating in virtually any topic but please note that I will turn down requests of translating texts that promote things I consider unethical.

Please contact me first for translation projects of more than 3000 words.

Order Details

English-Spanish translation

1200 words / $5 (add up for longer texts)

  • Up to 1200 Words
  • Proofreading
3 days delivery 1 Revision