I will narrate your story, First chapter up to 1000 words

Great experience. Accent was spot on and the enthusiasm and tone was exactly what I was looking for. Very professional and would highly recommend his service.
Reviewed by talkblocked 6 months ago
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Ian! what can i say you are talented!! thank you very much and i am sure we will be doing business again very soon!
Reviewed by jameshagerty about 1 year ago
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Ian was great! My best Fiverr experience! The sound quality is top notch and Ian was amazing. If I could give him ten stars I would lol thank you Ian!!
Reviewed by yesitsmaria about 1 year ago
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Extraordinary Work! A masterpiece of creative genius! This masterful story teller brought my story alive! I would recommend and buy this Gig again!
Reviewed by chefsly about 1 year ago
narrate your story, First chapter up to 1000 words
narrate your story, First chapter up to 1000 words
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About This Gig

Am I serious?  Absolutely!

I'll Narrate your own story or writing into a high quality Audio-book, up to 1000 words!  Yes!  UP TO 1000 WORDS of CHAPTER ONE for a Fiverr, WOW!  And will even do up to three character voices too.
I'm a native Kiwi (New Zealander,) our accent has apparently been voted 'the CUTEST accent in the world!'  (OMG I can't believe I just wrote that!)  BUT WAIT there's more!  I can do other accents too!
Try my Aussie, ( Australia, a small island off the coast of New Zealand - He he!) 
Scottish, Irish, and a spot of British too.  
If you ask me about American accents, I tend to be more 'Southern', "How'd Pardner!" So I can do that too, but have better strengths.
I say the FIRST CHAPTER tentatively because that's where most people start a story.
If there are more than two characters, I can do that too, but each additional character is $5.00 more.
Every 100 words after the initial 1000, will be another $5.00 up to the end of the chapter.
When we reach the end of the chapter, and you're happy, we can discuss further my services.
N.B. if there is swearing our other 'sensitive' text/info, we'll need to discuss what I will, and will not do.


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