I will install wordPress with 10 best themes and plugins

install wordPress with 10 best themes and plugins

About This Gig

  • Your decision to use wordPress for your blog or website is just perfect as 22% of the web is dominated by wordPress and 60% webmasters including MNCs who use some kind of CMS (Content Management System) use wordPress.
  • WordPress is a mix of themes (structure) and plugins (components) and there are thousands of themes and plugins to choose from and here I offer my help and save your time.
  • One can spend hours or even days searching, selecting and trying different themes and plugins to decide on one they would use for their blog or website.
  • I will upload 10 best themes so that you can choose one you like according to your niche and business and move ahead.
  • I will install 10 best and mandatory plugin which no webmaster should ignore to have a perfect and secure website or blog.