I will send you contacts to submit your scripts and ideas

send you contacts to submit your scripts and ideas

About This Gig

TV Show idea? Reality show idea? Script? For $5 I will send you a list major film and television production company accepting new scripts, ideas, and pitches for new productions. Yes that is correct! Behind your favorite reality show, television show (sitcom, game show, segment), and movie there is a production company. The list of production companies I have include their contact information such as their online submission links, emails, addresses, and phone numbers. These production companies are behind huge productions with millions of ratings. (MTV, ABC, E!, CBS, Blockbuster films, and many many more! Believe in yourself, and never give up. To submit your idea is simply FREE! 

Please note, I do NOT have Explicit content production companies contact info. 

I highly recommend registering your material with the Writer's Guild to protect your hard work/idea.

At this time, I will not submit for you. The PDF I have is made by me. I have personally been in contact with these companies. These companies accept submissions without representation. There are many production companies whom you need a agent/manager/ect to submit. You will need to contact your rep for that list.
Thank you.

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  • What inspired you to create this gig?
    There are thousands of production companies that are always seeking new ideas/scripts. The search can be very gruesome. I created a PDF list of all of the information to help you save time and money. I pray you have much success!