I will give you 67 steps by Tai Lopez summary

give you 67 steps by Tai Lopez summary

About This Gig

Hi guys, I have spent more than 200 hours going through 67 steps by Tai Lopez few times and finally completed the summary. This is one of the most useful courses in my life after going through dozens of courses online.

Why I wrote the summary?
  • Some videos are long and drawn out and I feel like they could have been summarised in half the time.
  • So you don't have to spend 60+ hours going through all the videos and pay $67/month

This summary is direct and straight forward to the main points with few examples. 

I offer a money-back guarantee with no question ask if you think the summary does not help at all. And you can keep my summary for free. 

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give you 67 steps by Tai Lopez Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What format is this summary?
    Word file for each steps from 1-67 steps
  • Do you have all the downloadable 67 steps?
    Yes. Contact me for more information.