I will teach you how to coach youth football

teach you how to coach youth football

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I have successfully coached youth football teams for almost 10 years now.  It's not as easy as you might think to coach kids and create a successful and fun tackle program.  There are several things to think about? Where to put each kid to optimize your team and their individual success.  Are you running an offense that is to advanced for the youth players you have on your roster?  What kind of defense do I run?  How do I know where to put kids?  If he is my fastest kid does that mean he is automatically a RB?  Not necessarily.  Is pulling your o-lineman to difficult to teach young kids?  Whats the best way to call plays?  Is averaging 30 points per game to much to expect?  How do I get minimum player kids more involved without hurting us on the field?  How should I run an effective practice? I have averaged almost 36 points per game.  My teams have never lost more than two games in a season.  My teams have gone undefeated multiple seasons.  I don't care where you live or how big or small your players are.  AS a coach it's your job to put a system in place that optimizes success and personal growth and development as well as keeping it fun for the kids. 

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