I will review/fix your online dating profile

review/fix your online dating profile

About This Gig

Is your online dating profile attracting the right kind of girl/guy? Or are you getting overlooked again and again, and if you do get selected, it's somebody who is just wrong?

Well, I say you could use some advice from a total stranger. Me. I will look over your profile and give my professional advice. And why am I a professional? Allow me to elucidate...

I'm professional writer, so that's one reason. I am a professional in public relations and marketing so I know how to create a good image. And the real kicker is, I've had three wives and countless girlfriends. Now obviously you may not want to take advice from me on how to keep a marriage together. But I have proven experience on finding the right girl, getting her interested and getting her to decide I was the right guy "'til death do us part".

So what have you got to lose.

The $5 service only means I look at it and give advice. If you want a full or partial re-write, look at the extras.

If you don't choose to purchase this service, I wish you success and good luck anyway.