I will show you the magic of lucid dreaming

show you the magic of lucid dreaming
show you the magic of lucid dreaming

About This Gig

The phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming is becoming aware within your dream that you are dreaming.  And this power allows you to take control of the evolution of the dream so that you can literally do anything you can imagine.  

Want to drive a Ferrari? Boom! There it is! Want to be with the partner of your dreams? Boom! There you are! Want to fly? Visit other planets, other galaxies?  It doesn't matter what you want, you can create it with a mere thought within your dream.

You create and experience simultaneously within your dreams, and when you lucid dream, it's literally like having a magic wand.  Anything is possible!

This hour long recording is designed, using isochronic tones,  to take you from periods of deep sleep into periods of more wakeful REM sleep where dreams occur.  It alternates between the two, so that if it is put on a loop throughout the night, you will have the opportunity to dream regularly and experience numerous lucid dreams.

In the Gig Extra section you can also grab a copy of the same 60 minute music track with binaural beats instead of isochronic, and another 60 minute track with a mixture of isochronic and binaural beats together.