I will tune your brain to theta

tune your brain to theta

About This Gig

There are 2 recordings, each running approximately 50 minutes, which will gently induce your brainwaves into the Theta State.  One has the sound of rain in the background while the other contains soothing music along with the binaural beats.  

Here are some of the benefits you'll experience by increasing your theta brain waves:

Deep Relaxation 

Advanced Intuition 

Powerful Emotional Connection 

Deeper Connection to the Subconscious 

Increased creativity 

300% Boost in Learning Ability 

Profoundly Reduced Stress and Anxiety 

Boosted immune system 

More Powerful Problem Solving Skills 

Improved Language Learning Skills 

Bridges the spiritual connection 

Paranormal Experiences 

Subconscious Mind Programming 

Improved long-term memory 

Hyperfocus Ability 

Mind/Body Healing

All you have to do is listen with headphones and relax!

Give yourself the gift of the Theta State of Mind today!